Corruption through and through

By: Adam Paquin

The readings from this week have several things in common in my opinion and that centers around the changing of the tides of European politics shortly after the second world war. During a time of recovery, there are several individual things going on, one of which is a changing of not only extreme right views but to an extent left views as well. We see this in the Biess article when he writes about all the changes going on throughout the system many similar to their past tactics some may argue were verging totalitarianism, while some state they were just rebuilding a destroyed economy from the dirt.

He also goes in depth into the student riots/protest that go on and how out of hand they become. He gives many quotes to insight the true extreme of the events that unfolded. I kind of blew me away the intensity that it was driven to with the police not only working on a protective basis. But in fact, beating and shooting the students to the extent that one is shot in the back while running away from the chaos. When reading this article, it becomes obvious that although the country of Germany was obviously hurting after the war. Many of the people in authority during the time of the Nazi regime could have very possibly still been in power. And article such as this one sort of tell the public that it was certainly time for a change in tactics to weave out the corrupt people in power.

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