Helpful Links

If you want to learn more about the way in which governments, organizations, and civil society groups are combating far-right extremism online, please see the following links:

Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Established in the wake of a racially-motivated murder in Germany, this foundation encourages local projects and initiatives to strengthen democratic values.

Bundesverfassungsschutz, or BfV. (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution)

Demos.  A think-tank focused on power and politics. See especially their Violence and Extremism Programme headed up by Jamie Bartlett also The New Face of Digital Populism (free for downloading)

Mut Gegen Rechte Gewalt (Courage Against Right-Wing Violence). Sponsored by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and Stern  magazine An online resource for teenagers on how to counter online hate. (In German)

Serie Neue deutsche Nazis.  A news series by the German newspaper Die Zeit on far-right and neo-Nazi activity in Germany. (In German)

Southern Poverty Law Center

Storch Heinar. A clothing company that combats hate by parodying the “Thor Steinar” clothing line, popular with members of the far-right in Germany. (“Thor Steinar” is featured in Hate 2.0”s header).


Digital History, Digital Humanities and Media Studies links:

Carleton Centre for Public History.

Digital Humanities Now.  For recent information and discussions on the field.

Oxford Internet Institute. Inter-disciplinary research centre devoted to studies about the Internet.

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media.


Voyant. A data mining tool for digital texts.


Notekeeping and Data Storage:



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