Willful Ignorance in the Far-Right

By Liam McCrorie

One of the main facets of Far-Right political groups is their ability to pick and choose facts which help support them while dismissing the more unappealing aspects of a Fascist regime. In many of this week’s sources people are shown to be drawn to these Fascist groups, and we see they are drawn to these groups for a wide variety of reasons.

They usually seem to support a few of the ideas of the regime, but any negative aspect of the regime is a ‘false narrative’ said to be pushed by liberals. They choose to not see all the bad these regimes are responsible for, especially if they weren’t affected. Take for example in Vice’s video Inside Spain’s Fascist Fandom, the Interviewer talks with a woman who says how much Franco has done for Spain, such as bringing 40 years of peace to Spain, which is clearly false, Franco killed anyone who spoke out against the regime, yet she chooses not to remember that. She even then goes on to defend Hitler, saying he never really wanted to kill the Jews he was trying to relocate them, which is so hard to even comprehend how someone can truly believe that. This willful ignorance could also be seen in other readings such as the Lopez and Sanchez reading in which the Blue Angels, who supported Franco because they upheld Catholicism, so they ignored other aspects. Or in the Crumbaugh reading people tended not to mind the atrocities when the economy was doing well.

This aspect is used in essentially all Far-Right groups, like the U.S. Republican party which everyday becomes more and more Far-Right, with false narratives being pushed by entertainment outlets like Fox ‘news’ everyday.

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