Community in far right movements – Blaise Rego

These readings touch on topics that ranged from transvestitism in Nazi Germany to tourism in Franco era Spain, in this post I will focus on far right movements, both modern and historic and how individuals look to navigate the idea of community. In the Cynthia Miller Idriss personation she talks about how Neo nazi clothing brands market their clothes in a coded manner to create group acceptance and notification to like minded individuals. In Idriss’s presentation she talks about her interviews with with members of Germanys far right who feel that the clothing helps them join the far right “scene” and identifies them to like-minded individuals.

The idea of community is essential in the Thomas Kuhne Reading on masculinity in Nazi Germany. The article revolves around the idea that masculinity as a construct was more fluid than one would originally anticipate when regarding Nazi history. Masculine ideals such as hardness ( in a mental, physical and emotional way) were propagandized to be seen as the only way a man could act in this culture. The reality though was much different especially in the military. In the military, men had to able to take on more feminine roles as it was an all male society, which required some men to take on the roles that women would do back in civilian life. This idea of flexible gender roles helped shaped community in the Nazi military. Multiple members of the German military are quoted saying that the sense of community built on emotional connection, a feminine trait, was an essential aspect of getting through the war. The soldiers rely on their emotional connection with one another in order to create a deeper bond within the military community and to trust one another when going into battle.

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