Students – welcome! This is where we will be doing the digital work for our class, including where you will post weekly commentaries and upload your Op/Ed assignments. For the actual blog assignment, you will create your own separate site, with separate address. It seems confusing at first, but it will be clear enough soon!

You are not required to post anything for our first class September 8th. I will need to set up your ID and profile here on WordPress, by sending you an email to join this page. For ease’s sake, I’ll use your cmail account. Once you are inside, you will set up your profile and start uploading some text. Don’t worry, it takes a few kicks at the can but WordPress is really intuitive and you’ll figure it out quickly!

Here are some things to bear in mind when you go to make your posts each week. When you go to our site, and log in, you will see your dashboard on the left hand side of the page. When you want to create a new entry, select post (not page). Clicking it will open a window for you to compose your thoughts. You can add images or just use plain text – be as creative as you want. To the right of the text box is a vertical with several options. I have set up a series of categories to organize your entries each week. For your first post, tick box 1: Students Introduce Yourselves (important, and confusing, don’t tick blog entries – a weird WordPress thing). This is important, because it helps curate your posts according to theme. Also be sure to add your name just under the title for each post you make each week. It allows us to see who is writing what.

Once you have written a few things about yourself, and selected box 1, you are ready to publish it. Maybe click preview to see how it looks. If you like how it reads, click publish and it will be live!

It is that simple.

Now, if you find it challenging and can’t figure it out, don’t worry. We’ll spend time walking through things. For next week, write your reflection piece as well and upload it to our site. 

Try it out! Don’t forget to click 2. Defining Terms for the second week’s reflections (repeat: not Blog Entries!). And send me an email if you are having trouble.

See you in a week! (I’m away – but remember there are two guest speakers and I’ll be taking attendance too, just to keep it interesting). 

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