Students – now that you have spent some time setting up your profile on this page, it is time to try uploading some text. Don’t worry, it takes a few kicks at the can but you’ll figure it out quickly!

When you go to our site, and log in, you will see your dashboard on the left hand side of the page. Select post and add new to create a new entry. Clicking it will open a window for you to compose your thoughts. You can add images or just plain old text. To the right of the text box is a vertical with several options. I have set up a series of categories to organize your entries each week. Tick box 1. Students Introduce Yourselves.

Once you have written a few things about yourself, and selected box 1, you are ready to publish it. Maybe click preview to see how it looks! If you like how it looks and reads, click publish and it will be live!

It is that simple! Now, if you find it challenging and can’t figure it out, don’t worry. In class Monday, we’ll spend a little time walking through things. Write your reflection piece and bring it to class and we’ll get it up and running by the end of the session.

In the meantime, try it out this weekend. Don’t forget to click 2. Defining Terms for this week’s reflections. And send me an email if you are having trouble.

See you on Monday!

Welcome Students!

During the Fall of 2019, students in HIST 4606A/EURR 4201A/EURR 5201A, the History of Populism and Authoritarianism in Contemporary Europe, will contribute blog entries on the readings we are exploring in class. It is a place to reflect and engage on ideas in a public forum, carrying forward these thoughts into class Monday mornings. Students will also write and upload Op/Eds here on topics of their own interest. It proposes to be a very exciting semester!



The View from Away

Starting this September, Carleton’s very own Ottilie Grisdale (MA, EURUS, 2014) will report on the current state of play in Europe from her adopted home base of Amsterdam, where she is researching her thesis on the cultural production of Holland’s far right. In bi-weekly posts, she’ll reflect on a variety of subjects relating to the theme of this blog, from the struggle for a multicultural Europe to everyday acts of anti-racist opposition.

Welcome Ottilie!