Neofascism – Growing and Changing to be Suited for Today

By Blaise Rego

At one point fascism was a topic that was hard to define but you knew it when you saw it, but that’s all changed with the advent of neofascism. Neofascism is an insidious part of modern political discourse that has altered what we once thought of far rightwing movements and leaders.

In the past the alt-right has be lead by angry men who raged against immigrants, modernization and changes to the societal fold. The neofascist movement has be co-oped be women in recent years. Across Europe women have begun to take power in alt-right by modernizing their parties and their movements. Leaders such as Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni began to realize that the younger generation was unattracted to the male dominated racist politics that had symbolized the alt-right movement for generations. These leaders changed how their parties were viewed by the greater public. Le Pen is a single mother who still argues for the nuclear family as a core part of society.

The movement has become more flexible ideologically allowing for greater variance of identities within the movement. Individuals were part of the LGBTQ community have ascended to high ranks within these fascist groups showing that there has been modernization within the ranks. It has to be said that certain identities are allowed within these groups to modernize them allowing the group for focus more specifically on their other. Most of the European alt-right groups “other” immigrant populations as they feel that immigration is the root of societies problems. Neofascist groups have modernized in some respects to become more appealing to a younger generation while maintaining most insidious parts of their ideology to suit their base.

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