Fascism but not Fascist at the same time

By Adam Paquin

The articles for this week really stood out because although we have seen plenty of radical far right movements not only in this class thus far but in general that is what is portrayed by the media. In the Jarvis article we see another picture, one of a far-left radicalism. One that is even capable of extreme terrorism and fascism ideals. And with the Ruth article we got to see another side of history, one centered around women and their voices during these ruthless times. We got to hear about women and their struggle to find their voices in a vastly male centric world. The articles from this week seemed to flow really well together as they all showed different but similar sides of fascist regimes attempting to portray themselves as not being so. And this ties very well into one of our discussions from a previous week in which we see ourselves talking about Fascist leaders always stating how they are in fact not fascist. How they are not racist while at the same time shouting racist comments and spreading racism throughout their campaigns. And we certainly get a good view of this in the Jarvis article, which is centered around multiple bombings that happened in Milan. Bombings that were produced by far-right extremists but were certainly not terrorist related. And as shown throughout the article virtually no actions were taken to prevent these or punish any perpetrators. Which again sounds like things we have already spoken about in other cases from this course.  

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