Masculinity, Femininity and Fascism.

By Adam Paquin

The reading from this week showed some very interesting aspects of the Nazi regime and fascism in general. While also showing how well some governments can hide a strict dictatorship to the public through the means of immense tourism. In the Huhne article we see typical stereotypes of masculinity in the military which I am sure was of no surprise to anyone. I was slightly surprised to see the extent as to how this masculinity was upheld. Having men unable to show any sort of femininity towards their family or even children.

With the Marhoefer article we did get to see a different light of the Nazi regime that I sound quite astonishing and that was how they ran the country while in power. I always pictured the SS as an overarching entity that watched and paid close attention to everything that happened under their reign. But this in fact was not entirely true. In her article she shows us that if you were Aryan, there was quite a few things you could get away with. This was simply because if you were not on their radar, they were essentially to busy to be bothered by you. And in circumstances such as speaking out against the regime or hanging out with Jews again as long as you were Aryan they would give you a warning or a slap on the wrist.

One last thing that stood out to me was the way that they acted towards lesbianism, it is well known that Hitler was not fond of homosexuality. But this pretty much only pertained to male homosexuality and not female. Which I guess should not have surprised me, but it did certainly catch me off guard because they certainly would not help maintain or grow the German population or produce future mini-Nazis.

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