A quick sketch of me

Hi everyone,

I’m Reid and am currently in the final semester of my undergrad. My major is Political Science with a concentration in IR and a minor in History. When I saw the title and description for this class, I registered immediately. The role of populism, and specifically far-right movements in recent history and today, are certainly subjects that deserve a focused analysis, and I’m excited to unpack this issue. Exploring such a fascinating and often dark feature of human politics and history should be very intriguing.

About me, I’m originally from Calgary! I enjoy skiing, golfing and trap shooting for sports. I’m also a huge fan of music and go to shows/concerts regularly as well as collect vinyl (my collection is about 400-ish). Travel is another hobby, so far I’ve been to Europe, Africa and a fair bit of North America. Currently planning a few months in Central Europe this summer.

Looking forward to meeting and discussing with all of you,

Reid G.

Introduction – Kathleen



I’m Kathleen, I’m in 3rd year at Carleton and am a Political Science major and also a History and German minor.  Politics interacting with history seems to be a big theme in both History and Political since courses and I like to keep that connection in mind when choosing my courses. Large events in history are often linked to political events and in the present we can often see events occur that are similar to these in the past. This is one of the main reasons why a class in populism is not only relevant to the world but also to what I like to study in mixing history and politics together. With all this said it might seem a bit odd that I am actually aspiring to go to law school and not pursue a career in political science, my goal is to be an international lawyer which I haven’t found to be overly connected to the subject so far. However, for my undergraduate, I really wanted to study something relevant and interesting as this subject turned out to be.

My site can be found at https://thentonowph.wordpress.com/ it is entitled to reflect the point of interest I have mentioned in History meeting Political Science in current times.


Blogging is not really something that I have done before so I am looking forward to the new experience of actually publishing my opinions in a public place.


Hi! Just a quick introduction to break  up the reading responses, apologies.

I’m Heather and I am a Political Science major with a History minor and a huge interest in modern political and social history. I’m super excited for this class (and how unfortunately relevant the subject matter is). Looking forwards to working with you all!

My personal blog is: https://modernpopulism298818901.wordpress.com/


Hello everyone, my name in Riley Bowman and I am a third-year Political Science student with a focus on International Relations.  I chose international relations because as the world moves into the future domestic politics start to take a back seat to the far reaching international treaties, coalitions like the EU and trade agreements.  Current events that spark my interest are Canada’s cross border relations with the United States and the sudden world obsession with cryptocurrencies.

I originally took this course because it was call “selected topic in polisci” so I thought it would cover a wide variety of topics that dominate the current political landscape.  When I learned it would be covering populism in history I was intrigued because of the rise of far-right parties across the globe and the alt-right in America.  I hope to learn how these parties and movements became prominent and the rise of the fascist governments of the first half of the 20th century was facilitated.

I look forward to providing analysis of the readings assigned for the course as well as reading everyone else’s and responding.  As a person, I love to consume content of all kinds whether through books, TV, movies, music, podcasts, and news.




Hello! My name is Morrigan, and I am a fourth year student who is majoring in English and doing a minor in History. As someone who is in the last semester of their undergrad, I thought it would be useful to take classes, like this one, that help me to better understand the current state of the world and how we got to where we are today.

My interest in history and literature stemmed from my love of reading, which is something I plan on doing a lot more of once I am finished school and have more free time. Some of my favourite books include Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Jane Austen’s novels, and of course the Harry Potter series. I also enjoy historical fiction and fantasy, which could explain my interest in real history.

My academic interests generally lie in the ‘long’ 19th century (approximately the time from the French Revolution to WWI) – many of my favourite books are from this period. However, I enjoy all types of history and literature. I like the way that literature and history allow us to understand other perspectives, and for me, especially the experiences of women in history. I find it important to understand precedents in order to understand why we are where we are now.

I am looking forward to the issues that will be discussed in this class because they will help me to understand the present. I am hoping that understanding the past as it relates to populism will make the path forward a little more clear. I also am interested in understanding how the political and social tensions we feel today reflect those of the past. Overall, I hope that this class will help us understand the past so that we can learn from it, and hopefully not make the same mistakes

Also, here is a link to my personal blog: https://morrigansinsights.wordpress.com