Hello, My Name is…

Hi everyone! My name is Zoe Favrin. I am a fourth year student in Public Affairs and Policy Management. I’m originally from Guelph, Ontario, but there’s nothing like studying politics in the nation’s capital! Ottawa has truly become my second home.

In an ever changing world, especially given the tensions we are seeing in the world around us, it can be overwhelming when understanding the motives behind it, and most importantly, how we can approach it. As someone who is very into law, especially looking into the mens rea, I really want to understand some of the broader concepts, both politically and socially, of these shifts. For me, this class perfectly complements a law class I took about conservatism, again with a focus on current populist movements.

On a lighter note, I have always been a history geek. Some of the favourite eras to study include ancient Egypt and 17th century revolutions. Throughout my university career, both in history courses and others, I love being able to make connections. Other fun facts, I love to dance, am addicted to coffee, and love fashion!

Looking forward to a great semester!!