Multi-Dimensional Muslim Identities

Alison Miller

Some of the readings this week deal with the concept of right-wing groups using minority groups that they had previously discriminated against as tools to further the oppression they impose on, especially, Muslims. Both the Hungarian case and in El-Tayeb’s article, far-right groups were willing to put their homophobia and Anti-Semitism on the back-burner in order to fight against a larger threat, that of Muslims. This seems to be the one thing that a lot of far-right groups are able to coalesce around, and one that European politicians and bureaucracies often explicitly or tacitly endorse.

I found the El-Tayeb article particularly interesting. These ideas of white gays being able to be multi-dimensional as long as they are multi-dimensional within the single framework of being a consumer. One of the things that wasn’t necessarily in the article (and that I wouldn’t insist upon because I think the article addresses what it needs to address) but that I think would be interesting is how the issue of class plays into all of this. The article notes police interaction with Muslim, Brown, and Black communities, as well as how people from these communities often provide the cheap labour necessary to support wealthier white LGBTQ people’s lifestyles. I would be interested to see (again in a different article), how those concepts, along with things like gentrification removing the liveability of neighbourhoods in exchange for stores that are essentially tourist destinations for those not living in that area of town, work with the intersection of class, race, and Islam.

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