How Malleable Is Fascism?

Emma C

What I found interesting from this week’s readings was the malleability of fascism and how we discussed last week, the ideas of fascism stay relevant over long periods of time. The malleability of fascism is interesting as not only has the ideology withstood time, but it has also stayed relevant and popular. As Amyot’s reading covers how fascism can be malleable as different groups with different agendas can come together over a common cause. It’s an ideology that can unite people who may not normally associate with one another because they share a common goal of believing that they are bettering their country. As was demonstrated in the many different bombings that happened, we can see how each group enacted their plan differently, but all believed in what they were doing.

We can also see how fascism is malleable through the way that the fascist and far right movement has changed today. In Chrisafis’ article we can see how the movement and groups have rebranded themselves to stay relevant in the 21st century. Typically fascism was a white mans cause, but we can see today that there are more women at the forefront in order to appear more relevant and with the times. The ideas have stayed the same, but the way that it is presented has changed from an exclusive group to one that is more open to different people that agree with the ideas.

Grant Amyot, “The Shadow of Fascism over the Italian Republic,” Human Affairs 21, no. 1 (2011): 35–43

Angelique Chrisafis, “From Le Pen to Alice Weidel: How the European far-right set its sight on women” The Guardian January 29, 2019

One Reply to “How Malleable Is Fascism?”

  1. I agree fascism is malleable and does adapt and I think your point about the involvement of women is also interesting, I can certainly see how the inclusion of women is a part of changing in order to stay relevant. To see the AfD example of the comments made to Miazga and her response is a good example of this, she was not only included in the party but voiced her thoughts and although her party didn’t love her comments against the MP who made the comments against her, they still allowed a woman her voice in the party and more women are joining the right wing movement which is another interesting dimension, its not only inclusion but the will to join.

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