The Right as International and Flexible


Can I just start by saying how fascinating the reading on the Evolian imagination was? The attribution of mythical origins for the Aryans and of an early struggle in order to legitimize racist/fascist ideologies is, though familiar, nevertheless put in a particular light here. I feel like this is more “exotic” than your usual right-wing European movement. As Tobin asserts, Evola did not hesitate in flirting with Islam in his quest for Traditionalism. The interest in paganism also marks a difference with something like the great replacement theory, who vows to protect a Christian idea of Europe. I guess the conclusion here is that though the various right-wing groups in Europe have several similar themes, it would be wrong to consider them part of a uniform movement.

The reading on the French Nouvelle Droite (ND) was also interesting. It shows once again the capacity of right-wing ideas to adapt to the current times. The article points out that Benoist was willing to open dialogue with leftists to cultivate a “tolerant” image. In fact, the various sources of influence for the ND was what allowed them to have such a large audience; not just in France but much beyond. This relates to one of our earlier readings about the right depending on internationalism. Regardless of how much one claims to hate supra-national institutions, any movement will have to gain some sort of support abroad. That was true a century ago and it is true today. 

Indeed, the ND aims at building a “pan-national European Empire” who will supposedly serve as wall for the north-African and sub-Saharan “invaders”. It is honestly crazy how open French right leaning talk shows are about this. Various commentators and essayist like Eric Zemmour come and talk about how France and Europe needs to save themselves from those immigrants. The case of Zemmour is very ironic since he himself has Algerian origins. 

I am a little uncertain about the ND’s agenda to stand against the European Union in order to present a strong opposition to the US. Considering the EU has been struggling to achieve strategic autonomy — in other words be able to defend itself and launch missions without US support —, I am curious to see how the Right will adapt this time. 

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