Internationalism and the Far Right

Ambiguity and Hypocrisy seem to be emerging subjects in the course. They come up again and again. This week we had a discussion on Far Right thought and internationalism. The readings focused on the growth of the Fascist regime in Italy and how this can relate to internationalism. The idea that we have of fascism striding towards the goal of an ideal race or bringing back an ideal tradition. The growth of these ideas, however, need a certain degree of internationalism. The idea of a Judeo Bolshevik elite controlling Europe was not only existent in Germany and Italy. It was a common ideal throughout europe. It has been embedded in the culture since the middle ages. However, they united through this common belief. By having a common belief they come full circle to being internationalist ideals. And they feed off of eachother. These myths propagate and unite these national units. Therefore they need to cooperate and grow.

My favourite example of this is Japan. While they did not conform to the ideal of a aryan race according to Italy and Germany, they joined the axis because of the practical need for an ally in the east and preferable one with similar national ideals. All these countries were saying they were different despite the practical and ideological need for the internationalist system as only through that can they grow their own ideology and protect it. 

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