Introductions: Ben Turpin

Hello/Bonjour! My name is Benoit, or Ben, Turpin! I am a 5th year student with 4th year standing, who’s desperately hoping to finish out my Combined BA Honours in History and Political Science. My interests lie in the effects that history has on the political and economic issues of today . I love studying all kinds of history but the writing side isn’t always my strong point. Please let me know if my reflective texts make absolutely no sense!

Pre-Covid I worked as a parliamentary tour guide, but I have since found work as a lock operator at the Canal locks right beside campus. If you need to bribe me (highly unlikely), bombard me with pictures of your cats, dogs or any other pets you may have. Also acceptable would be feeding me, as I love to cook but being fed is always better! Unfortunately, my cat is being fussy about being on camera but I can assure you plenty of photos of her will find their way on this feed.

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