Introduction: Cameron Sen

Hello everyone! My name is Cameron Sen, but most of my friends call me Cam, so feel free to call me whatever is easier for you; I am not too picky. I am entering the 4th year of my undergrad in legal studies with a concentration in Business Law, and I am also minoring in History.

Since coming to Carleton, outside of my law classes, I have taken an interest in Russian History and European History to a lesser degree. I took this class primarily to better understand the various factors far-right populism has had in shaping the current political state of Europe. With that being said, I am really interested in knowing and understanding the trends that have enabled far-right leaders from various European countries to gain/maintain power. I am also keen to learn the effects and influence that populism movements have had on respective European societies as a whole.

Outside of school, I am a massive sports fan. Whether it is hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, F1 racing, I am borderline obsessed with many aspects of the world of sport. Sports aside, I also like to run, listen to music (in particular 90s and 2000s alternative rock) and look at memes.

Wishing everyone a great first semester!

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