Hi everyone,

My name is Madeline Guthrie, but most people just call me Maddie. I’m entering the fourth year of my undergrad with a major in History and a minor in Film Studies. While I’m still working to narrow down specific areas of interest, I’m aiming to attend a graduate program in Library and Information Studies at some point. When I’m not in class or slinging scones at the SconeWitch, I enjoy reading, knitting, tending to my sourdough starter, and entertaining my kitten, Bonnie.

(If prompted, I will bombard you with cat photos. You have been warned.)

I’m looking forward to our conversations over the semester as this will allow me to gain a greater understanding of circumstances in which authoritarian regimes (throughout history and into the present) have had the ability to grow and gain significant power. I’m particularly interested in learning about how this relates to conceptualizations and expressions of gender, sexuality, and disability.

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