Memory of Fascism

By Lucas Lang

I once visited Military memorabilia shop in Florida in which the owner sold among other historical objects, some of Nazi origin. My father, curious of how Neo-Nazi’s would respond to such items asked him if many of them came in. The owner replied that not many did, and those that did cared little for the historical value of the objects, only focusing on their symbolic value. He relayed that they knew very little of actual Nazi history or politics and most left when they found out the object’s high prices. This week’s materials made me think of this story. In the Vice video, many of the fascist’s shown knew very little of the inner workings of Franco’s Spain. Those that lived at the time selectively remember what they felt to be the best features of the dictatorship while either being oblivious or forgetful of the less appealing features. This week’s material also demonstrates that Fascism both in past and modern times is popular due to the stability its supporters feel it provides. From the maintenance of tradition to the protection of social values, to defense of the good life, fascism to this day, is believed by certain parties to be for the benefit of society. It is significant to note though that very few fascists are aware or even include the other “benefits” within their advocacy for fascism. No one goes around proposing the return of government provided vacations for example. Nor does any fascist advocate for the return of traditions such as leisure time as was commonly depicted in Nazi-era photography. Modern fascists only advocate for the return of features of fascism which they admire but fail to remember or understand the full extent of the Fascism which they desire.

One Reply to “Memory of Fascism”

  1. Thanks for sharing that story! It really drives home your point about the disparity between the ideological/political dogma they claim to be a part of, and their knowledge regarding the full extent of it. I wonder how much they know and simply don’t mention, or if there are so many versions of Facism that they don’t get bogged down in the details and alienate some of the other factions. They are still made up of many small groups and not one large entity in many areas so far. I will say it definitely seems like there is a level of ignorance or willful ignorance of other aspects of Facism, however, I would be curious to see if the other two possibilities I brought up hold any weight.

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