Lucas Lang


My name is Lucas Lang. I was born and raised in Ottawa and have lived in the region my entire life. I have two brothers with myself being the middle one (not always an easy position). I enjoy reading, writing, art, a little too much of video games, and hanging out with my cat when I am not at work or stressing out on school assignments. In history, I am primarily interested in politics and military conflict, especially the second world war. I am, however, always interested in learning more about any topic which I am not familiar with and more about topics which I already know.

 I am on my fourth and final year of my History major with a minor in Archaeology and am looking forward to hopefully graduate this spring. My goal for after I graduate is to complete a course at Fleming College in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management in order to pursue a career in artifact conservation and restoration. Another aspiration I have for the future is to travel to Europe and visit as much as I can, especially the battlefields.

I look forward to this course and to hearing from others this semester. I want to wish everyone the best for their studies this semester and for their future careers.  

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