Sara Dix

Hello everyone!

My name is Sara and I’m in my fourth-year of Global and International Studies, specializing in European and Russian Studies, and I’m also minoring in American Sign Language. I enjoy learning about history in general, but I’m more focused on European history.

A couple years ago, I also took Professor Evans’ 19th Century Germany course and I completed a Balkans history course last semester so I’m looking forward to this course! I think it’ll be really interesting to learn about populism and authoritarianism, especially since it relates so much to events that have happened in more recently. I unfortunately haven’t gotten to travel to Europe, but I do want to at some point. I was going to go to Ireland last summer for my international experience requirement, but that fell through due to COVID-19.

As for personal interests, I enjoy creative writing, reading, playing video games, and watching anime. I have been lucky enough to still be able to play Dungeons & Dragons with my groups online. Lastly, I included a photo I took of my pet axolotl, Norman, as I figured he will bring you guys some happiness during this tough time in lockdown.

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