Michaela Bax-Leaney

Hi all! My name is Michaela, and I am in my fourth and final year of a combined honours in journalism and history. I’m primarily interested in public history, particularly North American public history, as well as collective memory and knowledge management. I particularly enjoy studying history through the lense of gender and sexuality. As a journalist, my interests bend towards food, arts, and culture writing, covering Indigenous communities, and foreign affairs.

This course felt like the perfect intersection of my two degrees, especially given what we’ve seen unfold so close to home in the last few weeks in the lead up to Joe Biden’s inauguration. I’m really excited to delve into the theoretical concepts and break them down and connect to the present day – that’s an act that’s been a core focus of my time at university, and something I believe in very strongly. Journalism is inherently better when it is informed by and aware of the past.

This week’s Challah!

Outside of the classroom, I really love to bake and cook (as the people who’ve been stuck inside with me for the last 10 months can attest!) I’ve also been trying to get back into reading for pleasure, and am looking forward to travelling more in a world where 70% or more people have been vaccinated! I’ve really only been outside of Canada once – I lived in Tanzania for a summer – so that’s something I’m hopeful we’ll be able to do again soon. Looking forward to the term!

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