Presentation Morgane Bazinet

Hi all!

I am Morgane Bazinet, from Québec, Canada. This is my first year in the MA Eurus program. I was a ballet dancer for two years in Romania and Bulgaria and traveled in several East European countries, which is why I am really interested in the region, especially in the Balkans. My research project will be on the presence of the French language in the Balkans during the communist period. In light of this context, I thought that it would be relevant to learn more about political regimes. I am looking forward to a better understanding of the subject of politics in Europe, which for now is still rather nebulous to me. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with articles from my oversea friends about political events happening in their country and I hope that a background knowledge will help me to be more aware of what they imply.

On a lighter note, something important to know about me is that all my written work is supervised by my bunny 😉

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