What is modern Facism? Dimitrios Monette

Upon reading and reviewing the Vox.com article “I asked 5 fascism experts whether Donald Trump is a fascist. Here’s what they said” I have found myself continually struck by the current generations wave of sheer hatred for anything that is not their stroke of mind and thought. I myself am a centralist, one that would vote left or right depending on the situation our nation finds itself in, the performance of our last governments, and whether they make legitimate substantive arguments. As such, when I viewed the last American election, I was absolutely disgusted by both parties presented. When I, a man who is a great hater of radical political societies like communism or fascism find myself rooting for the most pro-communist contender in Bernie Sanders, we know the political climate and competition has gone astray. Due to this centrist position of mine, I find myself stuck in a very combative time politically across the west, with words like fascist, racist and sexist thrown around like they have no weight. The time of concrete proof and unpartisan fact has gone, instead we are in an era of feeling and emotion. Logic drives not the chariot of our minds but emotion, and that is a dangerous thing. This article, while immediately highlighting that Trump is indeed not a fascist, continues to perpetuate the hate of this era shown by both sides but particularly the ever dismissive left, noting “You can be a total xenophobic racist male chauvinist bastard and still not be a fascist”. I find this line of thinking inherently dangerous. It makes suggestions that only a certain type of person can be a fascist, while that is inherent untrue. We have seen fascism in south America, Europe, Asia. Fascism is an ideology, not a demographic the left wants to racially profile. To assume Trump is a racist for his political movements to protect his southern border and filter his nations immigration is simply leaping to conclusions. The man may be a racist indeed, in fact I find his policies inherently un American, but the actions are not as universally racist, and hate filled as the Vox article would like to convey. To me as an outside viewer, a undivided political eye and a Canadian at that, this screams of the attempts of a child who has been denied the victory they thought theirs in the political victory for the left that could have been the second Clinton, and it has not left the “liberal” political machine looking particularly spot free or appealing to side with. In fact the left and anti-fascists of ANTIFA have instead taken a liking to the pro violent tendency they claim their opponents wish to unleash, with situations like the bike lock attack at Berkley and numerous revealed discussions of the group bringing weapons to rallies in an attempt to attack any who disagree with their stance. They actively subvert democracy by attempting to silence and dissenters from their opinion, and that seems far more tyrannical than anything Trump and his right wingers have perpetrated.

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