Brexit as a symptom of the Exit of the EU – 1st responder

The EU has been experiencing some skepticism from those in its member states. Especially in recent times with the refugee crisis and Eurozone crisis, which have exposed weaknesses in the EU and its policies. Brexit is one of the examples of this dissatisfaction which has manifested with the people of Britain voting to exit the EU. There were many issues which were apart of this vote including the effect migrants from the EU had in the state. It appears that one of the things that are emerging in the world today, as can be seen with Brexit, is the move towards focusing on one’s own state rather than an interdependence that build a network like the EU. The emerging view is the need to protect values and the citizens themselves which begins with the exclusion of the feeling that they can help others too.

This point can be emphasized more in the dividing of those in the state that have received more education than others. Often it has been the case in Brexit that the less educated people have the less they have benefited from the openness of the EU and therefore take a more Eurosceptic view of the EU rather than those younger people who work in the city and readily experience the integration of the EU. So in saying that, the understanding of the EU, in light of Brexit, has some issues that are deeply set in society and moving forward it can be asked if other nations will follow this. Especially in recent times, the EU seems to be treated with more member states leaving but only with the unfolding of time, events and EU policies can the answer really be discerned.

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