Sweeper: Hypocrisy

The readings and class discussions have mainly talked about multiculturalism, specifically Islamic culture in Europe, how it’s perceived, and how it differs from European cultures. The discussion started with mentioning how some citizens and governments do not want refugees and they ban refugees or the “wrong kind” of immigrants, while other citizens and governments are welcoming mass numbers of immigrants and refugees without any proper background check. The mass acceptance leads people to wonder on why “borders even exist anymore?” and questioning the existence of sovereignty of a state. In the discussion there was a mutual agreement on how a middle ground needs to be found, where immigrants are accepted, but they need to get eased in to the new culture and learn to accept it, so the cultural differences gap is lessened, and coexistence is possible.

It was also noted how there was a hypocrisy in the ban of religious symbols in Quebec, such as the Muslim burka/niqab and the Sikh turbans, yet crosses are still hanged in their government buildings and parliaments. People have considered the veil ban that was passed in some European countries as a form of racism and how it is targeted at Muslim women, even though it has been reported where people got ticketed for even wearing masks, so mostly it depends on the police officer and how each they apply the law.

Another point mentioned was the irony how current politicians are children of refugees and immigrants who struggled to get into the US and Canada during WWII, and yet they’re giving refugees a hard time because they are the “wrong type”, even though their parents or grandparents faced the exact same struggle.

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