Sweeper: Nazi Occupied Multicultural Europe

The readings this week focused primarily on the European backlash against multiculturalism – a concept not new to Europe. Neo-Nazi parties have sprung up across the West, gaining support from fear and prejudice. The Immigration crisis is one such example, It has been used with efficacy by radical racist/xenophobic agendas.

A first responder mentions the polarized views on such issues – the dichotomy between being either all for, or against refugees – They caution to consider the middle ground may be more suitable. The class lecture mentioned the thousands of sexual assaults on New Year 2016, which coincided with the induction of refugees by Angela Merkel.

People draw these connections to single out the other – in this case Muslims. In history we see examples of sexual deviance and assault used to disenfranchise the other. The Nazis described the ‘degenerate’ other, and published lists of all crimes which Jews committed to further distinguish them.

By painting all refugees mono-chromatically, some Europeans neglect to realize that not all Muslims are the same. They apply punishment suited to a select few individuals to the whole demographic – This is not justice seeking.

While calculating the actions a state should take when confronted with a=the refugee crises, it is crucial for the State to consider principles of justice, and the human lives with which its actions deal. In this calculation there is no room for views that are not at least justice seeking.

In groups we further discussed the hypocrisy of the xenophobic attitudes expressed by people today towards Muslim refugees. The irony is that even families who have been established in Canada for decades, have at one time been immigrants. Their ancestors would have faced the same prejudice. Should it have been their own fathers immigrating, they would be hypocrites.

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