Sweeper: Europe’s People Problem

During the discussion, our group mostly focused on Europe’s current “refugee crisis.” I put it in quotation marks because our team could not agree on the correct definition of the problem. I and others believed that a large part of the influx of people coming into Europe are trying to escape Isis or other deadly situations in Africa. Others believed that the majority of these people are leaving by choice not because they fear for their life.

This became important when discussing the multicultural nature of the problem. We agreed that an immigrant has a particular responsibility to integrate into his new country. Therefore, the nations can stay similar and evolve by immigrants partly integrate and adding to its culture and beliefs.

However, this integration responsibility is not inherently present for refugees due to their inability to choose which country they wish to go. Unlike immigrants, they do not have the opportunity to stay. Therefore more relaxed rules of integration should apply.

Thus, when discussing Europe’s multicultural problem, we must discuss whether the individuals and families coming in have the responsibility to integrate and if so how much do they need to integrate.

However, we must first agree whether immigrants are coming here by choice or being forced to come here. Furthermore, we need to decide how generous we grant people refugee status. We were not able to get into all of this during our discussion. But I believe we should air on the generous side. Hopefully, Europe will be able to diagnose its problem so that it can solve it.

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