First Responder: Multicultural Europe?

The article “An expert on the European far right explains the growing influence of anti-immigrant politics” is a transcript from an interview with Cas Mudde an expert on the far right.  Cas describes the recent far right parties to be nativists, authoritarian and populist.  He uses the example of a Dutch migrant to France as being acceptable because they have a more European culture.  The far right parties are not to be confused with fascists.  He outlines the perfect storm, the refugee crisis, the terrorist attacks and the European crisis go together to fuel these movements.

The question the comes from reading this interview is can these parties be stopped.  Looking at the recent Italian election populism is roaring forward with the Five Star Movement party winning over 30% of the vote.  The parties will be in an issue until the public that votes for them becomes distrustful of them.

The article “Decentering Europe, Recentering Islam” looks at the changing dynamics in Europe through an increased presence of Islam in the region.  It uses Turkey as an example of how Europeans view Muslims as others.  Discussions on Turkey joining the EU have spurred the debate on Islam and its effect on Europe, and how allowing Turkey to join the EU would cause Muslims to flood into Europe.  Western society views Turkey as a moderately Islamic country which makes the assumption that there is a violent Islam.  Allowing Turkey to join the EU would mean that Europeans would have to rethink their identity which is built around the idea that they are a modern society.  States outside the west and Europe are considered to be lacking in their modernity.

These two articles are linked in that they look at how European identity is being threatened.  The far right parties from the first article would be opposed to Turkey joining the EU because it disrupts their idea of a homogenous Europe.  It seems that these parties are fighting an uphill battle as Muslims are becoming more integrated into Europe even without Turkey’s EU membership.  Will far right parties ever accept the Muslim communities in Europe?  How are minds to be changed about Islam in Europe?

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