First response: Mind, Body and Soul

What’s interesting about these articles in relation to some of the previous articles read in this course is the focus on the individual in relation to the collective. There were three distinct readings that highlighted the three different areas of the body; soul, body and mind, that can be used by populist regimes to build power.

The first was through sexual orientation, which highlights soul. This article highlighted how scientists and psychologists tried to explain homosexuality as different from the norm in Germany to justify their isolation.

The next was specifically through the trainability of the body, as was highlighted with the Tokyo Olympics article. Here, there is a connection between the trainability of the body to compete and the ability to train the body in the need to fight is prevalent.

Finally, there was the willpower, which I equated to the mind. This is the ability to shape one’s thinking in aordane with other principles. As shown with the Romanian example, they used the influence and way of thinking of the Germans and Italians to shape their own fascist ideals.

Furthermore, what is interesting about these three principles being shown is lear masculinity. This demonstrates something that was shown in the first week of class, this medieval principle of a male dominated power means. If the ideal in a society is male dominated, than according to this populist principle, it would be easier for every other person along the gender spectrum would essentially be cast out.

In my opinion, this is where the principles of fascism and populism converge. When we see interactions on an individual level, the impact is much more personal and therefore more effective when it comes to control.

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