Hello Everybody,

My name is Ali, I’m a second year political science student with a minor in history here at Carleton. I decided to add a history minor to my political science degree not only because of a personal passion for history, but also because it is clear to me that in order to develop a complete understanding of how a society currently functions it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the history of that society. Keeping that in mind it was difficult for me to resist registering for a course on the history of populism. The push towards increasing austerity coupled with the historic rise in economic inequality has brought both right and left wing populist movements to the forefront of political discourse in both North America and Europe. With events such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump few would disagree that populism has become a major force in the modern political landscape.

In my increasingly rare free time I like to rock climb (despite not being very good at it), read, listen to music, and consume copious amounts of coffee. I have never blogged before taking this class so I am looking forward to figuring that out as well as exploring the fascinating history of populism with all of you this semester.


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