Introduction – Kathleen



I’m Kathleen, I’m in 3rd year at Carleton and am a Political Science major and also a History and German minor.  Politics interacting with history seems to be a big theme in both History and Political since courses and I like to keep that connection in mind when choosing my courses. Large events in history are often linked to political events and in the present we can often see events occur that are similar to these in the past. This is one of the main reasons why a class in populism is not only relevant to the world but also to what I like to study in mixing history and politics together. With all this said it might seem a bit odd that I am actually aspiring to go to law school and not pursue a career in political science, my goal is to be an international lawyer which I haven’t found to be overly connected to the subject so far. However, for my undergraduate, I really wanted to study something relevant and interesting as this subject turned out to be.

My site can be found at it is entitled to reflect the point of interest I have mentioned in History meeting Political Science in current times.


Blogging is not really something that I have done before so I am looking forward to the new experience of actually publishing my opinions in a public place.

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