My Introduction

I am an english exchange student from the reading History and Latin at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I arrived at Carleton University in September 2017 to complete one year away from Edinburgh to broaden my intellectual sphere and to do as much travelling as possible.

I am an avid sports player and fan. I came to Canada mainly to snowboard wherever possible.

I am originally from Bath in the south-west of England. This is where I established my love for the Latin language as it is an incredibly beautiful Roman city, built on a hot spring, making it a Roman bathing town. From this, I also developed a love of history, but focussed more on recent history. I particularly enjoy studying 19th and 20th century European history, up to present. There are such a wide array of sources on so many mediums available now that did not exist in earlier centuries. This gives an incredibly broad scope for discussion and analysis, which can become limited and dominated by assumptions. Within this timeframe, my preoccupation has been with political and economic history in Germany and the US. I find the creation of new nations and national identity extremely intriguing.

The element that drew me to this course the most was the analysis of articles from present newspapers and journals. I think it is very important to engage with current affairs in order to understand the discipline of history. This is incredibly interesting time in politics, with Trump as President of the US and the Catalonia dispute, and in history for the future, with current the nuclear crisis. I look forward to discussing these issues with similar like minded people in the class and working together to understand such complex issues.

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