Hello everyone, my name in Riley Bowman and I am a third-year Political Science student with a focus on International Relations.  I chose international relations because as the world moves into the future domestic politics start to take a back seat to the far reaching international treaties, coalitions like the EU and trade agreements.  Current events that spark my interest are Canada’s cross border relations with the United States and the sudden world obsession with cryptocurrencies.

I originally took this course because it was call “selected topic in polisci” so I thought it would cover a wide variety of topics that dominate the current political landscape.  When I learned it would be covering populism in history I was intrigued because of the rise of far-right parties across the globe and the alt-right in America.  I hope to learn how these parties and movements became prominent and the rise of the fascist governments of the first half of the 20th century was facilitated.

I look forward to providing analysis of the readings assigned for the course as well as reading everyone else’s and responding.  As a person, I love to consume content of all kinds whether through books, TV, movies, music, podcasts, and news.



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