Rebecca Sekine Bio

Hi! My name is Rebecca Sekine and I am a third year double major in History and Humanities. I’m from Burlington, Ontario and moved to Ottawa in 2015 to pursue my undergraduate degree here at Carleton. I hope this class will help me gain a comprehensive comparison between different examples of populism in history.

Who am I as a historian? I became entranced with history at a very young age through the “Dear Canada” diaries at my public library, where I became fascinated with topics such as the Titanic, the Spanish Influenza, and the First World War. My particular field of interest lies in ancient civilizations, early modern thinkers, and the very early 20th century.

Who am I as a person? I grew up a figure skater, I love to draw and paint, and I have a love for the theatre. I am an avid reader and my favourite genres are science fiction, fantasy, and romance. I would love to get to know everyone in this class! I work at Rooster’s Coffeehouse on campus, come visit me anytime! Here’s a handy link to my personal blog

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